Crystal Retinal 3


Crystal Retinal 3

What it is: Whether you’re a retinal newbie or a diehard fan, this serum’s for you. With 0.03% retinaldehyde, the gentle concentration is great if you’re giving vitamin A a try for the first time—or if you already love retinal’s line-smoothing powers, but don’t care for the potential irritation. “My skin can be sensitive, but I didn’t experience any redness, flaking, or irritation with this product,” says McGrath. If you’re working to undo the hours you spent outside this summer, this gentle retinal can help reverse new dark spots—and it’s a great time of year to tackle that project.

How you’ll use it: The super-creamy texture melts into your skin, making easy to layer under the rest of your nighttime routine. To start, use it before bed once or twice a week. Very important: Skip this‚ or any other retinal, if you’re pregnant.

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