Exfoliating Mitt


Exfoliating Mitt

Why you’ll love it: This double-sided exfoliating towel efficiently cleanses the body, eliminates impurities, and leaves your skin smooth and evenly textured with regular use. This 100% plant-based material mitt is crafted from textured viscose cloth designed to scrub the skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting circulation. It's ideal for removing dry skin and pore-clogging dirt that lead to blackheads and breakouts.

How you’ll use it: Soak your skin by taking a warm bath or a hot shower for 10-15 minutes with only water, then wet the mitt and scrub your skin in motions to create friction, using firm yet gentle strokes and pressure. After rinsing off your skin, apply moisturizer for best results. Rinse your mitt, let it air dry, and reuse it next time. For a deeper clean, it’s machine washable. 

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