Tri-Balm 3- in - 1 Cleansing Balm

Formulae Prescott

Tri-Balm 3- in - 1 Cleansing Balm

Why you’ll love it: This stick works a bit of magic, cleansing without water and at the same time treating skin to a trio of moisturizing botanical oils— carrot, rice bran, wheat germ—that don’t exactly sound sexy but feel heavenly. The stick goes on light and clear—it feels more like a facial oil than a stick— and pumpkin enzymes get to work breaking up grime. The formula wipes or rinses away easily, while those oils leave you feeling soft and smooth.

How you’ll use it: Run the stick over dry skin and then rinse it away for a hydrating cleanse morning or night. You can also skip water altogether and tissue the formula off dry skin for a quick refresh when you’re not near a sink (like on an airplane). Let the formula sit on your skin for an extra 10 minutes and you’ve got a cleansing-meets-hydrating mask.

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