Vitamin-Infused Scalp Serum


Vitamin-Infused Scalp Serum

What it is:
Maybe your scalp is feeling dry and itchy as the weather turns colder or maybe it could just use some TLC. This silky serum is easy to apply—its texture is reminiscent of a facial serum— and soothes the scalp with calming ingredients like honey, chamomile, and macadamia oil. A subtle herbal scent, plus the fact that you massage it on, makes the whole experience relaxing. 

How you’ll use it: After showering, when hair is still damp, warm up three drops by rubbing them between your fingertips. Massage onto a clean scalp, making small circles, and finish your routine as usual. The leave-on serum is invisible in hair and calmed Blay’s itchy scalp on the spot.

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